Is crazy love exist?

If you have two minutes to look at some great love stories of the best known as Romeo and Juliet or Jack Dawson and Rose Dewitt Bukater (the hero of the movie Titanic), we quickly realize that the crazy love is right more often a love borrowed from an irresistible passion. Of course, the reason often opposes love, but mad love is so powerful that it can sometimes destroy us, or even lead to our loss. To be gripped by this feeling so loud, so unreasonable and so irresistible is it not ultimately what we all dream of one day feeling?

What is crazy love?

Crazy love is distinguished from “classical” love by the intensity of feelings felt by both partners. Because yes, even if the thing may seem obvious, to be described as crazy (or passionate), love must be shared. Thus, when both partners claim this depth of feeling for each other, they automatically engage in a sulfurous relationship that cuts them off from the outside world.

After all, love is like the fuel of our life; it gives meaning to everything; you hang an unwavering smile on your lips, make your legs mole, make your heart beat faster. And these are not just expressions! These are physiological recognized facts. It’s simple: we talk about crazy love as soon as it changes your behavior, changes your habits so that your surroundings do not recognize you anymore.

Love to know what to say

Everyone will tell you the same thing about crazy love: it falls on you without warning! Often it takes its most popular form and is also the most obvious: love at first sight. However, he can also knock on the door of two long-time friends who discover their mutual feelings after many years of running together. But let’s think for a moment: love and madness are two interrelated states of mind. After all, do not we say “crazy love” or “still I’m crazy about her or crazy about him”?

To see you only as a horizon!


It’s all well and good; only it happens that sometimes, a love so powerful can lead to breaking the rules dictated by our society to the image of passion crimes which are by far the most extreme form of love drift. Too much love for someone always ends up in forgetfulness of oneself. And in doing so, little by little this imbalance will generally create resentment towards this loved one who will then be surprised to hate. For his well-being, the couple must above all learn to grow and consolidate, mainly through setting up joint projects without losing oneself in a passion that is both fusional and destructive.